Monday 30 August 2021

Message Received And Understood!

This 18 year old girl slept over at her friend's house on Friday night, but without first seeking the necessary permission from her parents. So just as soon as she got home on Saturday morning, she found herself taking a long trip over her Dad's lap, for a good, sound, bare-bottom spanking!

Friday 27 August 2021

A Timely Intervention

This 18 year old girl was looking at her reflection in her bedroom mirror, as her Mom administered a sound spanking to her bare bottom, while telling the naughty girl just how much she would benefit from this discipline in later life!

Tuesday 3 August 2021

In Front Of Witnesses!

This 18 year old girl thought that her Mom would leave the discipline for later. But she thought wrong - and she had to bend over the couch right in front of her Mom's friends. And then her Mom gave her the tawse across her bare bottom, while those two ladies got to sit there and watch the whole thing and of course, voicing their full approval!

Sunday 1 August 2021



Hi and welcome to my blog! My name is Melanie and I am a big fan of spanking photos, so I thought I’d get all creative and start my very own blog dedicated to spanking captions. I had fun creating my first image – of an 18 year old schoolgirl who is happy that her mom has agreed to discipline her in the old-fashioned way! I will be posting more as often as I can, so I hope you will enjoy them – and please do feel free to leave your comments as I shall be pleased to receive your feedback. 

This is the continuation of my blog at a new location, as I could no longer post updates at the original website. I have tried to make it look as much like the original blog in terms of format as possible, so I hope that it will have very much the same feel and of course the light-hearted, yet meaningful, 'Discipline And The Modern Miss' ethos will carry on here. You can still visit the original blog for previous content, by using the link address shown at the top of this page. 

[All of the content posted here in imagery and writing depicts consent-based discipline and involving only consenting adults, aged 18 and over.]